Most new construction dotting the New York City skyline is contemporary in style, but some developers have decided to embrace classic prewar architectural styles and features. Here are a few examples of how everything old is new again:


Art Deco


The Rockefeller Group, the original builders of Rockefeller Center in the 1930s, is now behind a new 45-story development with ornamental bronze fa├žade called Rose Hill, at 30 East 29th St. (named for the location, which was once part of the 130-acre Rose Hill Farm estate) that will begin closings this summer. Meg Brod, senior vice president and regional development officer for the Northeast region for Rockefeller Group, said the company wanted to design a classic New York building with an Art Deco influence that would stand the test of time. “People seem to be responding to this very contextual and Gotham New York design, and I think they like seeing something a little different,” Brod said.